Sunday, October 31, 2010

Regional extension teleconference continues

Great news - our North Central Region working group for field crop extension entomologists is funded for another year! This grant helps us communicate throughout the summer via weekly teleconferences and an annual meeting in the fall. This working group helps me keep up-to-date with migratory insects possibly moving into Iowa in the summer and relay that message to clientele. Our group is thankful to the North Central IPM Center for the funding!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Extension Entomology meeting

I'm in St. Louis for our annual meeting for extension entomologists in the North Central Region. Thanks to Bob Wright (UNL) for organizing the 2-day event. We had a great conversation about corn traits and corn rootworm resistance in our growing region. We also covered some of the insect highlights from 2010. We are tentatively organizing a symposium to discuss the implications of plant health labels in field crops.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

trying my phone

So I really want to use my new smartphone to make updates and post pics/video. Here is my first attempt.
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Getting started

I recently attended an extension annual conference in Nebraska last week. Jeff Bradshaw invited Brian McCornack and me to speak about technology in entomology. It really got me thinking how I could better connect with people using other means of communication. Since my printing/postage/travel budget is non-existent, I am wondering if a blog might be the way to go.

Initially, I am curious if anyone will want to read or follow my posts. But I also am thinking it might help me advertise upcoming events, and get the word out about late-breaking insect issues during the summer. So why not give this FREE technology a try...