Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Try our podcast this summer!

If you are familiar with my research and extension efforts at ISU since 2009, you've probably heard me plug a podcast program for soybean aphid. Matt O'Neal (ISU soybean entomologist) and I started weekly summer podcasts in 2009 and continued the program in 2010. We've decided to continue the program in 2011 and podcasts have started again. You can listen to the podcasts in two ways. The first is easy (and free!) if you are familiar with subscribing to podcasts in iTunes. Just search for "soybean aphid" and subscribe to our program; new files will automatically get pushed to your computer as they are published. The second way is also free, but you have to remember to look us up on the web. Go to our ISU Soybean Aphid Website and the podcasts show up on the front page. You can play and replay files at your leisure.

We encourage listeners to provide questions and commentary about soybean aphid in Iowa (and beyond). Let us know how you like the podcasts and how we can improve the program.

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