Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Check out these three new insect management articles!

Have you heard about a peer-reviewed extension publication called the Journal of Integrated Pest Management? It's an open-access journal (free for anyone to read and save files!). You can now access research-based management recommendations on all pests - not just insects and not just field crops. The Editors-in-Chief of JIPM are Marlin E. Rice of Pioneer Hi-Bred International (formerly with Iowa State University) and Kevin L. Steffey of Dow Agrosciences (formerly with the University of Illinois).

This new journal will offer a wide scope of peer-reviewed articles, including entomology, plant pathology and weeds. The intended readership for JIPM will be professionals who are engaged in any aspect of integrated pest management, especially those individuals working in crop protection, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers of pest management products, educators and pest control operators. The firs issue was released in October 2010.  and included articles about stalk borers and western bean cutworm. 

Three recently posted articles may be of particular interest to you. Click on the links to access pdf files:

1. Biology of the soybean aphid
2. Management of soybean aphid
3. Biology and management of bean leaf beetle and bean pod mottle virus

Alate (winged) soybean aphid and a few nymphs. Photo by Erin Hodgson

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