Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Learn more about corn rootworm

For those of you who want to understand more about corn rootworm, I encourage you to view a webinar happening later this month. I was lucky enough to be a co-investigator on an educational grant from the USDA-NIFA North Central IPM Program. We gathered entomologists that focus on corn rootworm from land grant universities. Here is what the the speaker lineup looks like:

  • Rootworm biology and behavior, Dr. Joe Spencer, Illinois Natural History Survey
  • Resistance evolution and IRM for rootworm, Dr. Aaron Gassmann, Iowa State University
  • Adult management options, Dr. Lance Meinke, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Larval management options, Dr. Bob Wright, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Decision tree for growers management options, Dr. Ken Ostlie, University of Minnesota

This FREE webinar will be on February 20, 2014 at 1pm (CST) and end at 2:30pm. You can join from anywhere you have a computer/tablet, internet and speakers. Start connecting to the session about five minutes before 1pm. Use this URL link to enter the meeting, or copy and paste this link:


Once connected, you will find a login page. You can enter your name, business, etc. and click "enter room." At this point you should be able to make any sound adjustments. You may want to test your computer before February 20 by using this URL link, or copy and paste this link:


Please spread the word about this webinar to your family, friends, clients or co-workers. We don't often get the "big dogs" all in one place, so this is a unique opportunity to hear from the experts. This is the most important corn pest in Iowa right now, and it is important to be proactive in rootworm management.

Learn more about rootworms right from work or home!


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